Changing Habits

Achieving lasting lifestyle change

  • Would you like to change some of your bad habits?
  • Lose weight?
  • Give up smoking?
  • Cut down your drinking?

Make habit your friend (- with new healthier habits!)

Most people and therapies offering services in this area focus on quick, extreme change. People using these services focus all their efforts on the initial phase of change- on stopping smoking or losing the weight. The client may even achieve their goal, in this way and be delighted -for a while, at least. Unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases, despite the huge effort often involved, the change is temporary. All too soon they go back to their old ways and put all the weight back on or “fall off the wagon” and find themselves smoking or drinking as much as ever.

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How to stop the “revolving door”

Lasting change to long-established bad habits means stopping this “revolving door”. Understanding & preparing for the long-term challenge of maintaining the change can help. It is at the maintenance stage of change that old habits die & new better habits replace them.

All Therapists in the MindFully Well Network offer:

  • A plan, just for you, that we create together, tailored to your specific needs.
  • Help identifying your triggers (for instance, negative emotions, like frustration & boredom are common triggers for bad habits).
  • Knowledge about the cycle of change & how long-term change can best be achieved.
  • Help devising strategies for achieving your goals & maintaining them
  • The benefit of the best performance-enhancing & motivational techniques (some great tools to help!)
  • Affordability -help can be tailored to suit your pocket-Pay as You Go!

(Charges are either hourly or per session, and you can choose as much or as little support as you need, with complete flexibility. For instance, you may chose to come for only one or two sessions, or for more long-term support – monthly, or fort-nightly, whatever you require. It’s completely up to you).

Change can be easier than you think!