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All therapists in the MindFully Well network can help you to improve your emotional health and well-being. We can help you deal with life issues, with stress management, anxiety management, depression treatmentanger management,alleviating trauma reactions, dealing with self-esteem issues, alleviating anxiety attacksaddiction counselling etc We can teach you techniques to help yourself.

Individual therapy is based on the human givens framework which is an excellent way of helping you quickly and easily and tailoring therapy to your individual needs. The ‘human givens’ are the innate emotional needs and the innate resources that we all have as human beings. We all come into this world with a set of physical and emotional needs. In the case of humans, most people are aware of our physical needs, for example, for food, water, oxygen and shelter; but most people are not so aware that we also have essential emotional needs: for example, for safety, security, some degree of control over our lives and for intimacy (at least one person who understands and accepts us “warts and all”). If these emotional needs are met appropriately we will have good mental and emotional health and be resilient but if for any reason they are not met we may become emotionally ill, depressed, stressed out or anxious; or physically ill with headaches, backache, stomach cramps.

A number of things can stop us getting our emotional needs met including not having acquired the necessary skills, understanding or healthy ‘templates’ (patterns) during our development or that we are suffering from the effects of trauma.

When MindFully Well therapists work with people in distress, we look for what is missing in that person’s life and why, and use tailored interventions to enable people to get their emotional needs met. This may involve helping them to better access their own resources, strengths and abilities so they are able to overcome or cope better with any challenges they are facing; teaching them any life skills they are missing or using specific interventions to help them move on from events in the past, quickly and easily. Our counselling and psychotherapy approach is solution focused and we can help most people in just a few sessions. More information is available on our session information page.

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