Human Givens Therapy Success Stories

Young woman treated for anxiety and sleeping problems

I loved this therapy: it changed the way I looked at life. Before the treatment I just saw small and didn’t think that anyone could help me sleep and cope and understand what had happened to me. I felt comfortable straight after the first session, it’s very straight forward. I’ve recommended it to everyone I know.

Client helped by MindFully Well Therapist with Human Givens Therapy, a Solution Focused Brief Psychotherapy

Client treated for Depression & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

After nearly 25 years (of seeking help) I still had incapacitating problems…the therapist identified the cause of my problems straight away and began using specific techniques, and helping me to make positive changes to my daily life, to help me to resolve them. Improvements started immediately and have continued.
Human Givens Therapy is not like other therapies: it is practical and based on a thorough understanding of what human beings really need in order to thrive and be happy.

Client helped by MindFully Well Therapist with Human Givens Therapy, a Solution Focused Brief Psychotherapy

Male Client treated for Depression

Relationship stress? Feel depressed? Happens to everyone. There’s nothing I can do about it, unless I agree to long term surgery of my past in a psychiatrists den. That’s what I thought – and fortunately (the therapist) proved me wrong. She helped me to see these apparently little things. The things in my relationships that build up and multiply until I feel them of crushing importance. I learnt what to watch out for and with her feedback was able to integrate this into daily practice. You are never too old – I just turned 60 – or too young to change your life. Three sessions helped me to rejuvenate my marriage and vaccinate me against depression attacks.

Client helped by MindFully Well Therapist with Human Givens Therapy, a Solution Focused Brief Psychotherapy

Father of a child treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The nightmares have stopped. She is like a different child

MindFully Well Client whose child was treated with Human Givens Therapy, a Solution Focused Brief Psychotherapy

Dr Farouk Okhai – Human Givens Therapy Testimonial

A consultant psychiatrist in psychotherapy with the Milton Keynes Primary Care Trust

Recently, with great relief, I closed the file on Alison, a 37 year old woman who was referred to me early this year. She had already had four spells as a psychiatric inpatient and three and a half years of psychoanalytic psychotherapy elsewhere but, after just five sessions of the Human Givens Therapy rewind technique for quick and effective resolution of trauma, she said she needed no further help.

It has now been over 6 months since I last saw her and I have been told by others that she is looking extremely well.  Alison’s case is just one of many successes I have had through the use of the rewind technique and other aspects of Human Givens Therapy approach that I learned in the course of studying for my Human Givens Practitioner Diploma. I am one of a small but fast-growing number of psychiatrists using the HG approach in daily NHS work.

The unit where I work as a consultant psychiatrist in psychotherapy has 35 psychiatric inpatients beds but I mainly see patients referred to me as out-patients by GPs, clinical psychologists, general psychiatrists or other members of our community mental health teams. Half of my patients are viewed as having intractable problems: often, as in the case of Alison, such patients end up receiving a variety of therapeutic help and still keep coming back, their problems no nearer being resolved. Many of them have experienced some severe trauma, which continues to haunt them and leaves them depressed, anxious or changed in their personality.

The HG approach encompasses all therapy techniques that are effective, without being rigidly confined to any single model. As a result, it is efficient and satisfying.
I liken it to being a plumber. Plumbers don’t stick to a pre-set model: they learn all the different ways to look at a problem and do whatever is most appropriate to fix the one in front of them as quickly as they can

Female client treated for panic attacks following a car accident

I did it! You gave me the confidence to do it. It’s down to you!

Client helped by MindFully Well Therapist with Human Givens Therapy, a Solution Focused Brief Psychotherapy

Dr. Frank Hargreaves MRCGP

Mental Health Lead for Liverpool South

When I refer a patient for Human Givens therapy, virtually everyone responds quickly and in a very sustainable way. They become stronger, are able to think more clearly, are much calmer and have regained control of their lives. These new strengths are not only useful in solving their current concerns, but also in preventing future similar issues from arising therefore achieving both short and longer-term benefits.

Emotional distress can occur in anyone’s life (none of us are exempt) for a whole variety of reasons, and although the symptoms can be very disturbing both for the individuals concerned and those around them, most conditions can be treated using Human Givens Techniques very quickly indeed.

At least one third of the patients I see in Primary Care have a significant mental health issue contributing to their illness, and only a small number of these will benefit from taking medication. The HG approach does not work from the same model that we GPs tend to use (the illness model), rather it works on a real-life assessment and our ability to draw from a deep well of inner resources which can be tapped into and used to restore our emotional state.

HG therapy has now become a fundamental, and often preferred, treatment for my patients with mental health issues

Professional golf player

I must say I have improved as a professional golfer and as an individual
MindFully Well Client

Dr. Nick Baylis

Lecturer in Positive Psychology Cambridge University

Techniques of sufficient power to completely revolutionise our approach to parenting, teaching and the caring professions.

Lecturer in Positive Psychology at Cambridge University talking about the Human Givens Approach


I still use the strategies we covered in our sessions of two years ago to improve my performance

MindFully Well Client