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Solution Focused Brief Therapy


Restoring Emotional Health Quickly and Easily

Solution focused brief therapy offers a goal-oriented, structured approach to helping you, identify and achieve the changes that you want to make in your life, in as few sessions as possible.

Saving you time and money

Our counselling services are all about encouraging self-reliance and the development of resilience, confidence and lasting emotional health. We start where you are now and our focus is on getting you to where you’d like to be.We help you to get well and stay well!

All counsellors & psychotherapists in the MindFully Well network use the most up to date, effective psychological techniques based on a modern understanding of the brain/mind/body system and what people really need to thrive and be happy. We always put the client’s needs first and will never attempt to tie you in to a long-term contract or commitment. We will never make you feel uncomfortable if you want to come to us for only one or two sessions-for some issues, one or two sessions may be all you need.

Our promise to you
We will help you achieve lasting change in as few sessions as possible

Pricing/ Length of Counselling 

Counselling and psychotherapy services are charged either by the hour or the session (check with individual therapists). You can choose as much help and support, or as little, as you need and your therapist can advise you. Most often our clients come for between one and six sessions but a few people with more complex difficulties may choose to come for longer. Again, this can be tailored to the individual’s needs – for instance, some people choose to come once a month or once a fort-night, for as long as they feel they need support. The length of sessions can also vary between an hour and an hour and a half, and if you wish, you can also choose the length of your counselling and psychotherapy sessions.  The average number of sessions is four.

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