Human Givens Therapy Success Stories

Golf player

My golf handicap dropped by over two full shots in 4 weeks and I have gained new found confidence in abilities.

Dr. Mona Mahfouz MRCGP

Mental Health Lead – Dudley

I have been a GP for twenty years and am one of three partners in a seven-doctor practice in Dudley, a deprived area 12 miles from Birmingham with high levels of unemployment, chronic ill health and mental illness. I have long been interested in mental illness and was one of the first to recognise the high prevalence of depression and was a high prescriber of anti-depressants.However my whole approach changed the instant I became aware of the Human Givens approach.

I first encountered HG in October 2005 and it has now entirely changed my practice. My anti-depressant prescribing has plummeted and my surgeries all run late because this approach is so effective it is better to spend twenty, thirty or even forty minutes of initial surgery time in order to really help patients quickly.

Using HG techniques I am so much more able to help my patients both with their immediate problems, while perhaps even more importantly, helping them prevent recurrence of similar problems in the future.

I am currently attempting to commission a primary care mental health team specifically trained as Human givens practitioners.

Client who had been”stuck” in her life

I went for help with a recurring memory from my childhood that I felt kept me stuck even though I am in my early forties… it was great to get such relief without a dramatic session
MindFully Well Client