Relationship advice

5 Top Tips for improving relationships Simple changes can sometimes be all that is needed. This relationship advice is based on research which shows that these are some things that can make all the difference: 1) Focus on what the other person is doing right- ...

how to sleep better

The Importance of Quality Sleep Good quality sleep is essential for both our physical and mental wellbeing. The close connection between sleep disturbance and mental ill-health is well recognised. The mainstream view is that disturbed sleep is a consequence of ...

positive mental health

Steps to Better Mental Health Cherish yourself We are all different with good and bad points – allow yourself to be human – not perfect. It is good to strive for high standards but imposing too high standards can increase stress. We are better at showing ...

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  • 2014

Ann Marie Taylor  will be giving a free talk on Tuesday 4th February at 8pm entitled Understanding & Breaking the Cycle of Depression. The venue will be Luisne Spirituality Centre, Holy Faith Convent, Kilcoole, County Wicklow ( .The talk ...

Exam Stress relaxation techniques

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How to beat exam stress–your recipe for success! One of my friends walked out of an exam once, within minutes of sitting down (statistics exam-FYI-no surprises there then!) She had spent the previous three days in a frenzy of anxiety & panic: ...